Become a Merchant & Earn 1% Deposit Commission.

Benefit of a Merchant

1. Earn commission Process deposit and earn 1% commission for each deposit.

2. Money back guarantee. You can withdraw your commission, capital or both anytime.

3. Instant customercare support. Fast 24/7 customer support for any complaint


Rules For Merchant

  • You must process payment of depositors less than 20 minutes after payment is made.

  • Payment not processed after 24 hours upon deposit to your bank account, will automatically blacklist your account & all funds in the merchant account will be frozen.

  • Merchants not meeting up within the 20 minutes time frame may cease to be merchants and funds will be refunded to your Mypaycap wallet.

How to Apply & Requirement.

Requirement: Before Applying as a merchant, applicants must have funded their MyPaycap wallet with N50,000 (total wallet balance).

Application is based on first come, first serve. Click here to submit an application form.