We’re committed

“To Building The Gateway to Financial Freedom & Passive Income.”

Paycapital in short ”MyPayCap” is a peer 2 peer cryptocurrency payment processing platform, that enables everyone to deposit Naira, and Earn Interest in Cryptocurrency especially Shiba Inu or USDT Monthly.

MyPaycap is built to become a P2P cryptocurrency wallet in the future with a variety of services including peer to peer payment, crypto savings and investment.

All payment services are provided by verified merchants and are converted to stablecoins like USDT(Dollar) and used to process cryptocurrency payment for a commission.

With a massive merchant Network from across the country, we ensure all deposits are safe, secured and used to process only stablecoin transactions for a commission on our partners platforms. Interest earned is remitted daily to all paycap users accounts and can be withdrawn any time.

We are a community futuristic company and believe this could be the next big trend for people to save their Naira and still earn crypto monthly without losing cash in the cryptocurrency market.